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French bark

Buy your bark from us! Bark is the perfect ground cover for gardens, one of the reasons that we mainly deliver to gardeners and municipalities. You can order bark of 45 or 95 m3 at us.

French bark originates from the French pine, also called the ‘Pinus Maritima’. This is why the French bark is sometimes called pine bark. In comparison with regular bark, French bark is of better quality, mainly because of the hardness of the bark. This also results in a much longer lifespan of the French tree bark, often approximately 5 years. 

There are multiple reasons to choose for French bark:

The pieces of bark almost have the same sizes, which makes bark attractive to use as a decorative ground cover for gardens. Bark is directly applicable on a bare ground. It will give a garden a natural look, especially because of the reddish brown colour of the bark. Tree bark is mainly used to construct garden paths.
The bark fosters biological activities. It is also regularly used as a raw material for the growth of orchids. Besides, the bark reflects daylight towards plants, which will also foster the growth of the plants.
Tree bark is perfect for every season. In the winter, it will protect plants against frost. In the summer, on the other hand, the bark ensures the ground to stay moist.
When weeds needs to be countered, French bark can be used as a weed inhibitor. This is because bark blocks the daylight, so the light can not reach the ground and the weed can not grow.
French bark is ideal as a ground cover for playground equipment such as slides and swings. It will make sure any possible fall of children will get muted.
Because of the long lifespan of French tree bark, the bark has a high durability which will save you costs.

Do not wait any longer and buy your French bark from us! You can contact our wood fiber department or request a quote here.

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