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For the purchase and transportation of your wood fiber products!

From the beginning of Van Deuveren Transport, the wood fiber trade has a special place within the company. We buy different wood fiber products of best quality at planing mills and saw mills both in the Netherlands and abroad. Most of these products have a sustainable certificate. You have to think of products like flax lords, wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips and bark. Thanks to modern techniques and special trucks for the wood fiber trade, it is possible to fulfill all your wishes fast and efficiently. 

Several parties are satisfied buyers of our services. The chipboard industry uses wood fiber delivered by us, but we also serve smaller customer with great pleasure. For example gardening companies, where we deliver bark, or horse riding stables, who use our wood chips or wood shavings as a ground cover for their horse stables. Next to that, our trucks drive to energy companies, where they make green energy of residual wood. Since 2005, we also buy flax lords at our suppliers. We deliver this among other things to wholesalers, which thereafter press the flax lords in bales. We also deliver flax lords to goat farmers and horse ride stables, for the use of ground covers.

The products are transported with the most modern trucks, which makes the transport flow quick and efficiently. We facilitate walking floor transport, whereby we have 17 walking floor and 2 container trucks. One of those container trucks has a suction system, so we can empty your silo or lofts. Besides that, we have container bins of 40 cubic meters at factories and saw mills, which we can pick up fast and flexible when the bins are full and need to be replaced by empty container bins. 

We offer you a customized solution. So if you are looking for wood fiber products straight from the supplier and transported to your desired location, you are at the right place by us!

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