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The sawdust trade is one of our wood fiber products we sell and deliver to you. We offer both sawdust from Pine and from Dry firing. We deliver this in different shapes, adjusted to your wishes. We offer sawdust in walkingfloors, with a capacity of 95 m3, in a container of 45 m3, or pressed in bales. 

Where does sawdust come from?
Sawdust is a restproduct of wood that consists of small wood particles. These particles arise during the processing of other woodproducts. Sawdust mainly comes from sawmills, where for example shelves and beams are being sawn. It has a fine structure and is very soft.

Why wooden sawdust?
Sawdust is a perfect ground cover. It is often used in horse stables, rabbit cages or for chickens. Besides that, sawdust is used in the circus, as a raw material for making chipboards, to clean spilled oil, or as sawdust pellets as a fuel. 

Because the sawdust is sieved and dust free, it is a safe ground cover for stable because it will not contaminate the respiratory tracts of both animals and humans. In addition, sawdust is very light weighted, which makes it easy to use. It also gives your stables a fresh and pleasant smell. 

Sawdust is not only good for the respiratory tracts of your animals, the softness of the sawdust also ensures the skin and legs or feet of your animals will not be damaged. For example, it prevents damage to the udders of cows which decreases the risk for infections. Sawdust will not get stuck in the claws of the animals, causing the claws to stay dry and reducing the chance of disorders to the claws. 

Finally, sawdust is an environmentally friendly product, because it is CO2 neutral. This makes sawdust suitable for recycling. 

Buy sawdust?
You can request a quote without obligation, when you want to buy sawdust, or one of our other wood fiber products. We would be glad to help you further!

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