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Wood shavings

Are you looking for wood shavings of good quality which will be delivered quickly to your desired location? We are the right partner for you! We offer wood shavings in different quantities and make sure you have them as soon as possible. We can offer you shavings in a walking floor of 95 m3, in containers of 45 m3, and we can deliver wood shavings pressed in bales. 

Where do wood shavings come from?
Wood shavings is a residual product that arises during woodworks in wood planing. The shavings mostly come from white, soft pinewood. Pinewood originates from the Norway spruce, the most used wood type in the Netherlands. The difference between wood shavings and sawdust is that wood shavings are more coarsed.  

Why wood shavings?
Wood shavings are mainly used as a stable litter for different animals. So the shavings are not only appropriate as a ground cover for stables for horses, cows or goats, but it is also frequently used within the poultry farming, or even to fill lofts and cages for rodents. 

Wood shavings are very suitable when you want to give your stables a unique appearance. It will make your stables looking clean and pleasant. In addition, the shavings are free of dust because it will be sieved multiple times. This is perfect for animals with a dust allergy. Next to that, wood shavings will not get stuck in the hoovers of animals and it will feel comfortable to their legs or feet. Because the shavings resilient and more coarsed, the shavings have a big spreading volume.This will lead to savings in both working hours and money. In contradict to straw, wood shavings will not be eaten by the animals which makes shavings also more sustainable. Finally, wood shavings have a absorption capacity which is 3 times as big compared to straw. Ammonia smells will not linger and a natural wood smell will have the upper hand. 

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