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The history of Van Deuveren Transport

In 1957, J.G. van Deuveren sr. started his own transport company. Nowadays, more than 60 years later Van Deuveren Transport is still a family company with the three sons Bert, Gerard and Jan van Deuveren as the head of the company. They share their passion for transport where their customer focus and short lines are the main sources for the success of this company.

After 12 years working as a milkman in the company of his father, J.G. van Deuveren sr. decided to start his own transport company in 1957. With two trucks and a tractor, he laid the foundation of the company which is now a stable and renowned logistic partner in the transport branche. Due to a customer based approach, a great reliability, and providing a good service, the amount of clients which let him transport their goods grew rapidly. The fleet grew largely and within a short amount of time the location at Stoutenburg was too small for this young company. After a stopover at Amersfoort, Van Deuveren Transport ended up at the industrial area the Harselaar in Barneveld in 1977, where it is a familiar face.

The company is still a real family business. The leadership is in hands of Bert, Gerard and Jan van Deuveren. More than thirty year ago they took on the company of their father, after they practically grew up between the trucks just as the other kids. For the brothers, the love for transport is where they grew up with, and they know how to work hard. The customer can blindly rely on a good service, with punctuality and good quality being in the centre. 

In all those years a lot has changed at this still growing company. The fleet is expended to 40 trucks, the workforce counts more than 60 well motivated employees and the total housing has grown to over 20.000 square meters. But what has not changed is the mentality of the company. Just as in 1957, the customer is paramount at Van Deuveren Transport!

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